From the post "Hvordan fisk gik fra vand til land" (How fish went from water to land).
From the post “Hvordan fisk gik fra vand til land” (How fish went from water to land).

Welcome to my website and blog. I mainly blog about the body and how it works, although it is taking an increasingly academic turn. It originally started when I studied medicine at University of Southern Denmark and has continued to be my hiding place for random thought, interesting stuff and little musings.

You are very welcome to contact me with questions or suggestions. If you have questions to any of the posts, please write in the comments.

Who am I?

Personally, I enjoy reading, chess and hoppy beer. I might be a coffee addict.

Professionally, I am trained as a doctor in Denmark, studied at MIT with Professor Jianzhu Chen and am now at Oxford to complete a PhD at the Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine in Professor Vinenzo Cerundolo’s lab.

You can see my publications under research.


Everything written here is written for the fun of it, because I had strong opinions on the subject or just wanted to share my thought – it is not a place to find answers to medical questions.

All content is published under a creative commons license, meaning you can copy and edit everything I put here, as long as you don’t sell it and give me some credit. A number of the images used here are from similar sources or presumed to be in the public domain, but please check before you use the pictures also.

About the blog

I am using a WordPress theme called Mcluhan made by a very talented designer called Anders Norén.


Louise Othello 23. februar 2013 Reply

Hej Mike
Jeg synes, at det er en spændende blog med en klar professionalisme og tegn på viden om emnerne. Netop af denne grund synes jeg også, at det er en skam, at der er stavefejl og andre grammatiske fejl som fx nutids ‘r’. Hvis det er noget, du har mulighed for at rette på, ville det gøre meget for din blog.

Mike Barnkob 23. februar 2013 Reply

Hej Louise – mange tak for din kommentar. Du har helt ret, desværre går det nogle gange lidt hurtigt med at skrive. Men både kommaer og nutids r’er bør jeg virkelig få rettet op på, det har du helt ret i :-)

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