I am interested in cancer and how it interacts with our immune system. It is my belief that to push oncology forward we must adopt new strategies. Instead of relying solely on surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, cellular therapies – where we utilize the immune system – are poised to transform the way we treat and manage cancer.

Currently I am interested in three aspects of tumor-immunology: a) factors that inhibit T cell migration and movement in tumours, b) exploration of genes that increase cytotoxicity of T-cells and c) defining surface markers on cancer cells suitable as targets.


2018: Funck T, Barnkob MB, Holm N, Ohm-Laursen L, Mehlum CS, Möller S, Barington T. Analysis of human immunoglobulin VDJ and DJ rearrangements shows N region synthesis by concatenation of cytosine-rich strands preferentially originating from trimmed germline gene segments. January, 2018. [Preprint].

2015: Barnkob MB & Winther K. Lets make the medicine ourselves. Ugeskrift for Læger, December 2015. Opinion piece. [Link]. [PDF].

2014: Olsen LR*, Campos B*, Barnkob MS*, Winther O, Brusic V, Andersen MH. Bioinformatics for cancer immunotherapy target discovery. Cancer Immunology, Immunotherapy, October 2014. Review. [Link].

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*Shared first authorship.

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