Starlings swarming before migrating south: even though we know how the individual components in a system works, it can be impossible to predict how they will behave in groups; emergent behaviors might arise, that are never seen when looking at just one bird - or gene - alone.

Aiming for Adaption – an essay on germline gene-editing

Every year the Oxford Uehiro Center for Practical Ethics has an essay competition for students. I submitted the essay below, which didn’t get selected, but having spent some time on it, I am sharing it here, in the hopes that somebody will find it interesting. — Aiming for Adaption Abstract In an increasingly interconnected and […]

If a PhD is like a marathon…

I sometime hear that doing a PhD is like doing a marathon. If thats so what tricks from running applies to your PhD? Here’s my attempt at stretching the analogy as thin as possible: It’s your run The most important bit first: this is your run! Many people fret about what their supervisors are (really) […]

Generating an article network using rentrez and igraph in R

One thing I often find myself trying to do is to read up on relevant literature within a new field. Often it’s difficult to identify seminal papers as a new-comer, so I’ve often wondered if there would be a way to quickly identify key papers. Over Christmas I read two really good articles on creating […]

Tools and tips for reproducible science from Rich FitzJohn

Rich FitzJohn, a computational biologist and director of puppets, made a very nice slideshow of how to produce reproducible science using a few tools revolving around R. It’s a great read! You can download the slideshow here, but the gist is in this slide I think (which I have stolen from the slideshow, hope it […]

Scientific calculator on the desktop

I love my old TI-83 calculator but it is getting increasingly… well weird. So I was pretty excited to learn that it is possible to setup an emulator of my good old companion on the desktop instead, using a software called Wabbitemu. Here’s what you do: 1. Download Wabbitemu for mac 2. Download a rom-image […]

Near-haploid and haploid cell lines

Haploid mammalian cell lines are useful for forward genetics experiments, the idea being that new phenotypes (ie induced by mutations or knock-out) would be exposed immediately. I haven’t been able to find good lists of such cell lines, so instead I have compiled a non-exhaustive list here. Very few are available, even though haploid cancers […]

Old-school cool flow

Check out this old-school image from a flow cytometry experiment: It’s from an 1991 article, back when it must have payed off being handy with glue and scissors. 0

Citat om døden

Citat fra Michel de Montaigne: “Go out of this world as you entered it. The same passage that you made from death to life, without feeling or fright, make it again from life to death. Your death is part of the order of the universe; it is part of the life of the world. Our […]